What are the symptoms of a broken supercharger

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1. The engine will have a serious power drop;
2. The increase of carbon deposits in the engine will damage the supercharger, the air cannot fully enter the combustion chamber, and the power will drop by 30%; 3. Increase the throttle power without increasing it, only black smoke.
The reasons for engine damage are as follows:
1. Wear and failure of the sealing ring;
2. The floating bearing of the exhaust gas turbocharger is worn;
3. The engine is idle for a long time;
4. Poor oil return;
5. The pressure of the engine crankcase is too high;
6. The air filter is blocked;
7. The exhaust temperature is too high for a long time;
8. Improper use of engine lubricating oil;
9. Improper engine operation;
10. Poor cleanliness of lubricating oil;
11. The supply of lubricating oil is insufficient.




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